Staff Turnover:

In a center situation, a stable, well-qualified and experienced staff is the mark of a quality program and best for the children. Programs operate at their finest when the staff is well established and are knowledgeable about the routine, philosophy and expectations of the program. Your child's experience will be optimum if their caregivers are firmly planted in the program and remain a constant in their experience.

Be sure to also ask about the tenure of the staff members in the classrooms next in line to your child's classroom. As your child grows and moves from one group to the next, you want to be aware of how long those staff members have been with the program as well.Providers with very stable personnel will proudly share with you how long their staff has been with them.

Staff changes in child care programs happen, even in the very best facilities. However, chronically high staff turnover is exceptionally disruptive to the program can be an indicator of something amiss within the center.