Will the facility provide meals or will you bring a sack lunch & snacks for your child each day? If your child is an infant, who will provide baby food/formula? Are there any food restrictions to consider?

When making your evaluations, the subject of meals may play an important role in your decision. If your child is an extremely picky eater, has food allergies or maintains a vegetarian/vegan, gluten or dairy free etc. diet, you may prefer a program in which you bring your own food.

However, for convenience, you may prefer a program that provides meals on site. If, after reviewing your choices, your favorite choice of providers offers meals, yet, you would like to bring your child's food, see if the provider can accommodate you in that regard. One thing to note: Picky eaters will often be willing to try and enjoy new foods when they see the other children eating them. There may also be a tuition difference for programs that provide meals verses programs that have the families bring food from home.