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Welcome to The Child Care Square!

The Child Care Square enables parents seeking child care to email every licensed child care provider within a 5-mile radius in a single mouse click. Our FREE service offers busy parents the most time-efficient,streamlined and frustration free way to find child care vacancies in their neighborhood.

With a single swift click of the mouse, our comprehensive database allows parents to send an e-mail to every licensed child care provider within a 5-mile radius of their specified address. Upon receipt of the care request, the provider will evaluate their availability and contact the parent to answer further questions and arrange for a program tour.

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  • Establish Your Priorities

    Establish Your Priorities!

    Learn how to identify what's of highest importance to you.

  • Doing Your Research

    Doing Your Research!

    Learn the most front-line methods for assessing providers.

  • Tour & Interview!

    Tour & Interview!

    Learn what to ask.
    Learn what to look for.

  • Care Request

    Care Request

    E-mail Your Local Providers Now!